Ecobin Advertising

With the optional, integrated advertorial spaces, you can turn Ecobin litter bins into a very effective means of communication. Communicate with your target audience or lower your operating cots by leasing the advertorial spaces. Ecobin Advertising makes managing waste attractive!

Lower your operating costs

The operating costs of Ecobin litter bins are exceptionally low. Through leasing advertorial space you can lower these costs even further. Where you find people you will find litter bins. Therefore, you will be an interesting partner for advertisers. A thing you can manage yourself.

Are you managing a much frequented location such as a shopping mall, boulevard or a parking lot? We offer you the possibility of a co-operation with Ecobin to manage your advertorial spaces.

There is no need to invest. Ecobin offers you the container and mounting without costs and takes care of the maintenance and cleaning. As a manager you will take care of placing the containers and emptying them.

Litter bins with advertorial space

Below mentioned litter bins are also available as double-sided advertising carrier.

  • Oval
  • Quadro
  • Circle
  • Container Unit