Multiply PMD 50 • 70 • 110

The base of the Multiply PMD is a single stainless steel litter bin. Depending on the degree in which waste separating is needed, multiple containers can be used. Chained or as combined single units. Whatever the sum, the Multiply PMD always has a fitting answer.

Multiply PMD • Functions & Aesthetics

  • Modular design
  • Opening area can be easily adjusted and closed
  • All stainless steel. Finish in every colour coating optional
  • Vandal proof and minimal maintenance construction
  • Sloping top

Multiply PMD • Operations

  • Maintenance friendly interior and exterior
  • Spring lock for rapid and smooth operation
  • Complies with modern ergonomic requirements, a pleasure to work with
  • Stainless steel ultra light interior litter barrel
  • Vandal proof and minimal maintenance construction
  • Fireworks lock integrated

Multiply PMD • Technical specs

  • Circular and sustainable stainless steel 2 mm (optionally heavier)
  • Sustainable materials and mechanical parts only
  • Capacity: multiples of 50, 70, or 110 litre
  • Freestanding or on (invisible) concrete base

Multiply PMD • Dimensions

Multiply PMD 50
Multiply PMD 70
Multiply PMD 110
50 litre
70 litre
110 litre
37,5 cm
37,5 cm
37,5 cm
65 cm
86 cm
110 cm
30 cm
30 cm
30 cm
Further specifications available upon demand

Afvalbak Multiply PMD - Dimensions

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