The Quadro combines old fashioned goodness with a modern sturdy design. Stalwart and vandal-proof, with a great appeal to actually collect waste. Made of heavy duty quality stainless steel, this litter bin is very suitable to be used in busy areas.

Quadro • Functions & Aesthetics

  • Attractive and robust design
  • Opening aerea can be enlarged, within design's margins
  • All stainless steel. Finish in every colour coating optional
  • Sloping top in brushed stainless steel
  • Vandal proof and minimal maintenance construction
  • Also available as double-sided A1 advertising carrier

Quadro • Operational

  • Minimal maintenance interior and exterior
  • Spring lock for rapid and smooth operationk
  • Complies with modern ergonomic requirements
  • Stainless steel ultra light interiour litter barrels
  • Fireworks lock optional

Quadro • Technical specs

  • Circular and sustainable stainless steel 2 mm (optionally heavier)
  • Sustainable materials and mechanical parts only
  • Interior litter barrels 130 litre each
  • Freestanding or on (invisible) concrete base

Quadro PMD • Dimensions

Quadro PMD
2 x 130 litre
75 cm
45 cm
135 cm
Further specifications available upon demand
Waste openings adjustable within the designs margins

Stainless steel litter bin Quadro - Afmetingen

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