Ecobin • Making litter bins attractive!

Set up as an agency for product development of third parties, Bureau Van der Henst B.V. started to develop their own products in 1996. These were the Ecobins with large integrated advertising faces, provided at no extra cost. Also maintenance and repairs were free of charge. Ecobins were placed in a number of cities, mainly in shopping areas. That is exactly where large capacity litter bins are necessary and it is precisely there their advertising messages will be noticed by the target market.

In 1996 the first non-advertising litter bins, made completely of stainless steel, were supplied to the City of Alkmaar. These Ecobin litter bins are still in perfect order today.

During the past decade, the portfolio of litter bins has been extended to approximately ten product lines, all based of course on the Ecobin Principles.

Ecobin principles

  • Attractive and timeless design
  • Circular and sustainable
  • Well thought-out functionalities
  • Components made of durable stainless steel
  • Production processes with minimal ecological footprint
  • Complies with modern ergonomic requirements
  • A pleasurew to work with
  • Minimal maintenance constructions
  • Cost efficient operating management

5-year warranty

Because we stay true to our principles our clients can expect a continual high level of quality and services from Ecobin Nederland B.V. Confident that we supply a premium product, we grant a Five Year Warranty on the technical functioning of all our products.

Your specific wishes for your City?

As we are aware that every environment is different and that design is a matter of taste, we would be delighted to apply your design ideas to the best bins you can get. This ensures a portfolio of attractive long lasting cost effective litter bins.

Ecobin really makes litter bins attractive!